Foreclosure Cleaning Business Owners – Marketing Advice & Help to Grow Your Biz

Many have leaped into the business of cleaning foreclosures for a living. And, while it’s a great business opportunity with a world of potential, if you don’t know how to market, you may be finding it harder to land clients than you thought.

Following are two pieces of marketing advice that can change that – for good. It will help you grow your foreclosure clean up business – or any other type of business you decide to start.

Foreclosure Cleaning Business Owners: How the SBA Can Help You Market Your Biz

Amazingly, most small business owners never contact the SBA (the Small Business Administration). This organization offers so much free help that it’s astounding. It literally saves you thousands of dollars and shaves years off the small business learning curve.

One of the most effective groups at the SBA is SCORE. This is the acronym for the Service Corp of Retired Executives. These are all former business owners who volunteer their time to help small business owners with everything from putting together an overall business plan, to devising an affordable marketing plan.

If you have a foreclosure cleaning business and want to get some free advice from experts about how to get the phone ringing, contact your local SBA office and inquire about SCORE. They usually set you up with a rep who will quite literally take you by the hand, answer all of your questions and be there on an ongoing basis to help you weather any snags that come your way.

There are many elements to running a successful foreclosure clean up business – eg, contract negotiation, pricing, bidding, writing estimates, subcontracting, etc. Members of SCORE usually have decades of small business experience that cover all of this – and quite a bit more.

If you’re stumped for where to turn for marketing help with your foreclosure cleaning business, start with your local SBA. You can’t go wrong.

How to Effectively Use Technology to Grow Your Biz

The internet – and all technology that it proffers — is your best friend when starting or expanding a business – any type of business.

Many business owners don’t know how to utilize the technology that’s available to them. For example, one of the cheapest and easiest ways to grow your foreclosure cleaning business is to put together an informative newsletter.

This keeps you top of mind with clients – existing clients and prospective ones alike. And, there is template software and list building software available that make it easy to put together a newsletter in 30 minutes or less – really!

Continuous marketing is the only way to grow your foreclosure cleaning business. You can’t send out one email blast or mail a few postcards and expect the phone to ring. You must constantly email, send postcards, network via chamber of commerce meetings, etc., to get – and keep – the phone ringing.

Growing a foreclosure clean up business is not hard, but it does take constant work. These two tips point you in the right direction – now it’s up to you to follow through.